T.J. Sullivan

To the friend who “outgrew our thing”

A member. Brother. Sister. Teammate. Friend.

Active. Involved. Smiled. Showed up.

Hilarious. Fun. Cool.

Good memories.

But then. A new year. New girlfriend. New passion. New friends.

Never around. Checked out. Other priorities.

“Outgrew our thing.”

I’m here.  You moved on.

Hate it.  Feel angry, regretful. Unimportant.

Miss hanging out.  Miss you caring.

About this. About us. About the group. About everything.

What’s the matter? Get here!  Show up!


This was cool.

Less, now.  Without you.

It’s not stupid.  It still matters.  To me.

You made promises.  You were in.  Then.

Others stayed. You didn’t.

Checked out. Other priorities.

This is bullshit.

What happened?  You changed.

Come back.  One night.  Let’s hang.

Remember? It felt good. Hilarious. Fun. Cool.

Yeah, I know. New things. New friends.

It’s complicated.

Everything’s complicated. Choices.

But, my story.  Still includes you.

Always will.

You remember. I know.

Friends forever. But, not really. Facebook, maybe.


2 Responses to “To the friend who “outgrew our thing””

  1. I was in a weird writer’s mood today, and this just happened. Gotta let the creative process happen sometimes. Maybe a few of you who are about to graduate and who are reflecting about friendships that faded will relate to this.

  2. And I can’t explain the dog picture. That just happened. I love dogs a lot, and a lonely dog picture just fit the tone.

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