T.J. Sullivan

Love one another as you love your phone


You check on it several times an hour.  You have it inches away while you sleep in case it wakes up and needs you.  If you go anywhere without it, you feel out of whack.  A piece of you is missing.  You get tense.

You buy accessories for it.  You load it with new toys to make sure you never lose interest in spending time with it.

When someone on Facebook posts that he or she is looking for a new relationship, you passionately comment about how much you love yours.  How it’s the best.  How others are inferior.  Maybe even how being with yours makes you a certain type of person.

Your fidelity to it is intense.  You can’t imagine loving another.  You enter into a contract promising not to forsake it for another.

You spend a bunch of money on it.  In fact you’d rather live somewhere cheaper than spend less on it.

If you hurt it, you can do almost nothing else until it is made whole again.  You provide it protection.

You love it just a little bit more when people admire it.  Especially when it’s new.  People want to touch it, and know what it can do.  When you find a new way to interact with it, you feel more excited about it.

It makes you feel engaged, and connected, and ready for any challenge.

Let’s face it.  Your phone is your most prized relationship.

It’s a strong relationship. You take care of it.  You allow yourself to be dependent on it. You trust in it.

While some would tell you to ditch the phone in favor of other – you know, human – relationships, I would like to suggest that you learn from it.  Take this intense, beautiful relationship and use it as a model for the others in your life.

Think of an important relationship.  Your significant other, your close friend, your mom.

How often do you check in?  Do you make time to be physically with this person?

Do you demonstrate your affection?  Do you look for fun ways to spend time together?

Do you let others know how important that relationship is to you?  Do you stick up for it?  Are you proud of that person?  Does the value of that relationship show to others?

Are you faithful to this person?  Do you pay attention to his or her needs?  Are you willing to sacrifice some less important things to keep the relationship strong?

If this person was hurt, or in need, would you put aside almost anything else to make him or her whole again?

Does your relationship with this person make you feel engaged, connected and ready for challenges in your own life?

Are you taking care of it?  Are you allowing yourself to depend on it? Do you trust it?

Relationships are life’s most precious assets.  Take care of them.  Take care of the people who invest in you.  Demonstrate their importance with your presence and concern.

One Response to “Love one another as you love your phone”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I thought that this blog was an eye opener for myself. It made me come to the realization of how true it is – how dependent we are on our phones and that if we were to treat the ones we love as our phones, then our relationship swould flourish. I’m going to try my best to try and put this to practice wihtin my life. Rather then focusing on my phone, I’m going to try to build up my realtionship with my family so that we can be stronger. The points brought out within this blog are very benefical and practical. Anyone could take this advice and put it into use – but only if they wanted to.I’m going to try to pamper the ones that I love before I pamper an item (a phone) that doesnt love me back. I believe that this concept would be helpful regarding the Social Media Campaign that I’m involved in wihtin my school community. My class is coming together to create awareness regarding social media and trying to focus on the postive and eliminate the negative within our school. This concept of loving the ones that are “real” and should be worth more would be an excellent one to start in our school, regarding both electronics and social media.

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