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Recovering from loss doesn’t happen quickly

When dealing with a loss, it's so easy to turn to STERB's – "short term energy releasing behaviors." I learned a long time ago from the writers of The Grief Recovery Handbook that it's not about feeling better in the short term. It's about taking intelligent steps to recover from grief over the long term. CONTINUE READING ›

I am no longer with CAMPUSPEAK

As of today, I am no longer involved with CAMPUSPEAK as a staff member, speaker, or shareholder. Other than fulfilling the 15 or so appearances already under contract for the remainder of 2014, I am entirely disassociated from the company. I will continue to speak (booking myself -- contact me directly, please), publish and blog. CONTINUE READING ›

Disrupting the Greek social model

The way fraternities and sororities do "social" is in desperate need of disruption. We are stuck in a rut, spending thousands of dollars to entertain our members with parties, mixers and formals, trying to please varying tastes with a single event. What if we started letting members create their own events? CONTINUE READING ›

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Who is T.J. Sullivan?


He's a guy who has spoken to more than 2-million college students since 1992 on topics including: alcohol, sex, confrontation, and innovative leadership. He's a writer, a blogger, an overly-committed fraternity man and a thought leader on college student leadership. He's a dad, a husband, and a Broncos fan. He's honored you're here, and hopes you find something useful.