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This summer, think about chapter retention, too

While your recruitment committee is working this summer to make your fraternity or sorority bigger, shouldn't others be working to make sure your chapter is better? Member education, ritual, housing, meetings – identify those critical issues that affect chapter morale and identify critical fixes. CONTINUE READING ›

Why “now accepting applications” might yield mediocre results

If your organization is identifying talent simply by "accepting applications," you're leaving yourself vulnerable to mediocrity. Typically, only top-third people seeking involvement, status and opportunity will ever take the personal initiative to engage with an application process. An application process fed by a deliberate effort to identify, recruit and engage talent yields a greater shot at excellence. CONTINUE READING ›

Can I be middle third and still be a leader?

Is it possible to be a middle third member and still serve in a leadership role that demands top-third priority? Yes! But, middle third leaders need to become varsity level jugglers to handle those other priorities, or they will soon become unhappy and overwhelmed. CONTINUE READING ›

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He's a guy who has spoken to more than 3-million college students since 1992 on topics including: alcohol, sex, confrontation, and innovative leadership. He's a writer, a blogger, an overly-committed fraternity man and a thought leader on college student leadership. He's a dad, a husband, and a Broncos fan. He's honored you're here, and hopes you find something useful.