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Disrupting the Greek social model

The way fraternities and sororities do "social" is in desperate need of disruption. We are stuck in a rut, spending thousands of dollars to entertain our members with parties, mixers and formals, trying to please varying tastes with a single event. What if we started letting members create their own events? CONTINUE READING ›

The magic of great ideas

Why is it that some groups seem to have an endless stream of new ideas and others are stuck doing the same things, over and over, year after year? Why is it so hard to come up with the big idea? Sometimes, the magic comes when you get the right people in the room and give them the freedom to play. CONTINUE READING ›

Earl sits in his driveway

Tonight, I made a tiny bit of extra effort and introduced myself to a neighbor – an old guy who's lived four doors away for more than eight years. I've said hello or waved to him 10,000 times, but never knew his story. His name is Earl, and spending 15 minutes with him was the most human thing I've done in weeks. CONTINUE READING ›

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Who is T.J. Sullivan?


He's a guy who has spoken to more than 2-million college students since 1992 on topics including: alcohol, sex, confrontation, and innovative leadership. He's a writer, a blogger, an overly-committed fraternity man and a thought leader on college student leadership. He's a dad, a husband, and a Broncos fan. He's honored you're here, and hopes you find something useful.